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markus moosbrugger, *1990 rottenmann

i live and work in graz, austria. i have a constant interest in depicting human lifeforms as well as natural rhythms.

i finished the master class of painting at htblva ortweinschule, graz.

i mostly paint in watercolours, acrylics and oils.

i sculpt in wood, styrofoam, polymeres, clay, plaster, stone, metal.

i get my inspiration from nature and other artists i adore.


Since 2019 member of the SAMA Kollektiv.


*1990 - Rottenmann, Austria

  • 2008 - First Exhibition "Lichtpest" with Gregor Halsmayr (FAZO), "Ex" Admont

  • 2015 - Group Exhibition "Feiner Waldduft im Salon" with Daniel Krammer, Christin Krammer, Katharina Pitscheider, Giordano Prisco; ehem. Gasthaus Hofer, Rottenmann

  • 2016 - Group Exhibition "portraits" with Sabrina Jauk, Markus Pippan, Lena Schützinger, Barbie Tait, Stefanie Teutsch, Pedro Campoverde, Messe Graz

  • 2017 - Group Exhibition "Feine Waldlust" with Daniel Krammer, Alf Poier, Mizzi Pur, Giordano Prisco, Dieter Puntigam, Katharina Pitscheider

  • 2018 - Group Exhibition "Querbeet zur intensiven Gegenwart" with Daniel Krammer, Jacqueline Korber, Mario Sornig, Peter Fölsner, Ulrich Schober; ehem. Gasthaus Hofer, Rottenmann

  • 2020 - collaboration with stefan frank steinhauser for the classical guitar solo album "TON"

  • 2020 - Group Exhibition "Concrete Motion", Sama Kollektiv (

  • 2021 - Group exhibition "HETZ", Roter Keil Graz

  • 2022 - Group Exhibition "SAMA Kunst Festival 2022", SAMA Kollektiv, Bad Schwanberg

  • 2022 - Solo Exhibition "EINE WERKSCHAU", Atelier Moosbrugger,Graz

  • 2023 - Bullauge @ Kombüse, Graz.

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