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crystals, 2019

Concrete Motion

In 2020 the Sama Kollektiv held an exhibition called "Concrete Motion" which dealt with the frictions of living in cities opposed to the challenges of living in rural areas.

9 artists reflected before the background of the pandemic on such issues as change and consistency, isolation and community, self and other.

Space Monkey​, 2020

All ressources are finite. In an attempt to fight the laws of nature, politicians and corporations have come up with the idea to harvest astroids for rare-earth-elements carrying the human predicament to outter space.

This series of hollow tin heads (which are surprisingly heavy) plays with the insistence of heritage and tries to boil it down to a momentary core.

Wittgenstein, Serpentinit, 2021

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein (1889 - 1951) was one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century. The focus of his work was on logic, mathematics, consciousness and language.

The ambiguous nature of language inspired this half-headed sculpture. Ever-flowing but hardly containable these small mouth noises constitute reality and - spoken in the wrong way by the wrong mouths -  can damage the collective organism.

On the other hand language allows for communication and transfer of knowledge. It is the foundation of civilisation and peace.

Wellt Raum, 2021

"Wellt Raum" is a simple synthesizer connected to a pre-amp, then to a sound-transducer which is welded to the bottom of a fire bowl filled with water. The bowl is mounted on top of a tractor tire. If the dials on the synthesizer are in the correct position, a frequency is being generated which equals the self resonance frequency of the body of water in the bowl and the bowl itself.

This generates patterns of standing waves on the surface of the water. Low frequency oscillators on the synthesizer can be used to generate rythmic variations in the sound which can also be seen in the water.

This work deals with our constructs of truth and the persistence of filtering agents.

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